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Kheerganga: A Perennial welkin

In the dwelling of Himachal Pradesh prevails a pulchritudinous place called  Kheerganga (3500m) in Parvati Valley , where it is considered Lord Shiva meditated for thousands of years. The lush frondescence of the mountains, the graceful River Parvati and pleasant skies are assuredly a much-awaited pleasure to a trekker’s eyes and spirit. Kheerganga Top I have been to Kheer Ganga multitudinous times now – solo many times, with friends and even with crowds  And every single time I go, I never displease to get exhilarated by the utter grace and sumptuous vibes of Kheerganga.  But one must look-out for the sweltering heat while climbing.  Remember to keep yourself refreshed throughout the trek. In the rainy season, the soggy and sleety ways make the path pretty precarious at several twists and bend; exceptionally near the cascades. Throughout the winter season, it is feasible to accomplish the trek too. The Kheerganga trek route goes fiend because of snow, but make sure to bring a lot o