Kheerganga: A Perennial welkin

In the dwelling of Himachal Pradesh prevails a pulchritudinous place called Kheerganga (3500m) in Parvati Valley, where it is considered Lord Shiva meditated for thousands of years. The lush frondescence of the mountains, the graceful River Parvati and pleasant skies are assuredly a much-awaited pleasure to a trekker’s eyes and spirit.

Kheer Ganga Top
Kheerganga Top
I have been to Kheer Ganga multitudinous times now – solo many times, with friends and even with crowds  And every single time I go, I never displease to get exhilarated by the utter grace and sumptuous vibes of Kheerganga. But one must look-out for the sweltering heat while climbing.  Remember to keep yourself refreshed throughout the trek. In the rainy season, the soggy and sleety ways make the path pretty precarious at several twists and bend; exceptionally near the cascades.

Throughout the winter season, it is feasible to accomplish the trek too. The Kheerganga trek route goes fiend because of snow, but make sure to bring a lot of warm woollens and a pair of finest trekking shoes through the winter season. This will help you a long way because a couple of years back when I came here with my friends in the winter season I was like stuck in the felony because we ain't prepared with supplies well that was some other story now its time for the new anecdote.

Kulga Village
Its 16th of March, Everyone is screaming and hollering at us like why you're going on the trek because "Coronavirus pandemic" reaching the door. But I honestly need an interim from my monotonous life, so that's why I framed this trip with my brother Aryan, my cousin Siddharth and my homie Ujjwal Mishra (Ya !! You Got it right- Wohi Chole Bhature ka Ashiq).

On the evening of 17th March, We took the bus from Majnu ka Tila but due to "Virus Spread"Bus Services are eliminating their rides though, we managed to get the bus. Next day's morning we reached Bhuntar at Sharp 8:53 AM. We are starving and looking for breakfast, but rather going to have breakfast we took the bus to Kasol. After an hour later we reached Kasol, we had our tasty and energetic breakfast. 22 kilometres away from Kheerganga, This town is primarily known for its stunning perspectives and a few minor treks and rock climbing openings. You can visit the popular town of Malana or unwind at the Jim Morrison Cafe or Moon Dance Cafe. Additionally, look at the unblemished and sheer Parvati River and Shiva Temple.

Manikaran Guru Dwara
All we have to do now is to reach Manikaran ASAP because we really need a bath and the Hot Spring at Manikaran is like chef's Kiss. Situated on the banks of river Parvati in the Kullu region at a distance of about 4km from Kasol in the Parvati Valley. This is known to be an acclaimed journey goal for Sikhs just as Hindus. The spot houses underground aquifers(Hot Springs), Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib and even a gathering of temples framing a strict example which draws in individuals from around the world. There are three natural aquifers out of which one is inside the Gurudwara, and the other outside the guesthouses. Individuals clean up in these natural aquifers due to its substance of sulfur which is fit for relieving infirmities. There are various segments for people to clean up in these natural aquifers which hold high scrupulous just as spiritual centrality. But due to pandemic, officials closed the entry doors of Manikaran Gurudwara because nobody wants the community spread and conditions were so vulnerable. 

Happy time with Alex  
We made an encouraging start soon after 11 am from MANIKARAN, a spot that I've portrayed previously. Following an hour later we were at Barsheini, there is another route that sidesteps Kalga in the event that you need to begin quickly after coming to Barsheini. We were excessively certain and didn't get some information about the way. There was nobody else around that morning, which was astounding for such a well-known course. However, we comforted ourselves by accepting that we are the more dedicated ones who figured out how to trek so easily without any problem. But there is a dilemma "THE RAIN" I can easily say that the clouds are approaching us and within the next 30 mins weather goes obtuser. After having a long debate with each other, we planned to take a cessation until the next morning.

Crossing The Waterfall cafe 
Next morning we managed to wake up at 9 A.M in the morning we had our breakfast we packed our bags and left our extra luggage in the camp, The primary start is routinely set apart with advertisements for something like referring to as The Waterfall Cafe. It is around the midpoint of the way and the last 500 meters to this point was a lot more extreme. After several hours of trekking, we had our not so invited and overpriced food at the bistro, which was essentially an impermanent shack set under a cascade. I rinsed my face and saturated my fingers in the water, just to pull back after a large portion of a moment. The water was so tidy and frosty, I'd even filled our bottles from little cascades and rivulets, because of water after a long trail I can feel the adrenaline in my body. The following half was relatively more intense and the forest got somewhat compacter. 

Caution Board for trekkers
We spanned a fragile-looking slender bridge one by one and reach a signboard that arrowed towards Kheergnga. Yet, inevitably it was not as hard as I anticipated. It was a green fix that was gently inclined and encircled by mountains that were grasped with the snow. There were some snow spots in Kheerganga as well! It took around three hours more to finish it, In the end, we settled down for one of the private rooms with an enormous twofold bed imparted to two further individuals. So we were four individuals in the room that cost 900 for the night. A large portion of these facilities additionally pervaded in as eateries and the menus guaranteed to gave nearly all things everywhere, except less said about their quality is more trustworthy. That duskiness, we saw the most enchanted twilight with numerous shades of orange in the sky that made the snow tops sparkle like fire. within an hour we witnessed the serene snowfall. After having 3 hours of conversation with locals and other travellers, we talked about the night sky and Astro Photography and from there I sat tight for the Milky Way's residue trail to reflect the tree's limb; inconspicuous balance at work. Not certain how the hues turned out, and I waited for this till 2:30 AM in the morning where temperature lies between -5 to -4 Celsius. The sky shifted darker, tinted blue on blue, each cuff in turn, into more mysterious and more intense shades of night.

Night sky from Kheerganga

Camps on Kherrganga Top
As the vast majority must be knowing as of now, the key fascination of Kheerganga is the hot water spring. Thus, it likewise stays involved practically constantly. Your most obvious opportunity is to give it a shot promptly toward the beginning of the prior day before any other person awakens. The little pool of Kheerganga is the thing that the town has been named after – which generally converts into smooth milky water of sacred nature regarding Ganges River. This pool is isolated into two sub-pools with one area for men and the other one for ladies.
 The best part? A delighted sentiment of being submerged in warm water with mountains around that was seized with the snow!! I don't know how long we spent in that pool yet it was ample to engulf out the lethargy of the trek.

Last Shot on the Top

While the climb up took between 5-6 hours, the route back was just 3 hours. As usual, there was a feeling of accomplishment in the wake of completing this trek.

If you planning for Kheerganga? Please keep these few things in mind: 
1- You can reach Kheerganga by getting a short-term Himachal Tourism transport from Delhi to Manali though get off at Bhuntar. This will cost you 900 – 1200 and the transports are friendly. From Bhuntar, you need to head towards Barsheni or Manikaran and settle for a day and begin your trek from here early daybreak.

2- Try not to carry overwhelming rucksacks. Pack savvy and light.  Leave your gear in camps or Barsheni and just carry light backpacks with a flashlight, a couple of flip flops, little cash, tissue and a flimsy towel. Kheerganga is cold even in summers so bear something warm in your rucksack.

3- Try not to leave your junk everywhere. Try not to be an irritating "loud" traveller. Regard nature, the peacefulness of the mountains and local people.

4- The individuals are truly dependable and basic. You can stick a little to dealing, yet it's smarter to not swindle them. There are a couple of things for which individuals will promptly enable you, for nothing out of pocket. Individuals are exceptionally persevering and just their work is answerable for the little turn of development. Generally speaking, people are benevolent and excellent.

"A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."

                                                                                                                        — Lao Tzu


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